Mrs. Mishelle Denton, MBA

University of Kansas

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Mishelle Denton is a Senior Functional Systems Analyst who works with staff, developers, and PS Admins to maintain and secure Campus Solutions. This team effort serves to maximize functionality and efficiency while effectively serving the University as a whole.

Mishelle believes that it is important to engage with users to understand how a system really needs to work for them. In a university, users enter a database for a wide range of purposes. Security has a responsibility to ensure that these varying degrees of access requirements are met without negatively impacting other users or losing control over data.

Mishelle has managed process improvement and database cleanup projects throughout her career. One such initiative increased the efficiency and customer service by automating a process that had been taking months to complete and now only takes a few days. This experience, in conjunction with some web design knowledge, was invaluable to the University of Kansas Campus Solutions 9.2 upgrade as she was able to work with user groups to create tiles that streamline processes and reduce cumbersome navigating.

She has a Bachelor's in Cell Biology from the University of Kansas and a Master's of Business Administration from Friends University. She stumbled into her career through the Technology Transfer department at KU and has been loving it ever since!

Mishelle has enjoyed the benefit of being a HEUG member by attending conferences, utilizing the forums, attending webinars, and referencing older recordings and documents available on the site. Learning many of the nuances of Campus Solutions, compared to other databases she has managed or used, would not have been as successful without this community.