Mentor Program



Become a mentor and share your years of experience by helping the new generation start with a solid foundation for the future.


Technical Skills Enhancement

  • Share skills, knowledge and perspective with mentoring partner to enhance proficiency utilizing career tools.

Professional Identity Development

  • Supporting the professional while enhancing self-awareness, self-esteem and self-confidence.

Leadership Development

  • Strengthening leadership and collaboration proficiencies through guided theory and practice.

Education Support

  • Sharing external resources, such as articles, books, webinars and other training materials to support mentoring goals.

Member Engagement

  • Showing a tangible way to participate in the future of HEUG and how this future includes the mentoring partners.

The HEUG Mentoring Program (HMP) will match mentees with more experienced mentors that hold leadership roles in their own institutions and HEUG community. With engagement between leaders and professionals, HMP will create opportunities for advancement in HEUG and generate increased interest in careers within higher education, by providing guidance and direction to support the mentoring relationship. Additionally, HMP is designed to encourage reverse mentorship where mentees will share their knowledge of higher education trends, hot topics, and ideas for innovation within the higher education sector.