Board Member Election Results - 2013 - 2016 Term

HEUG Board of Director elections closed last evening with 5 individuals being elected or re-elected to the board.

Gail White.jpg

Gail While, University of Newcastle, was elected as chair of the ANZ HEUG earlier this year.  This qualified her to represent that region for the three year term. 

 Todd Langille.jpg

Current member Todd Langille was re-elected as the representative for the Oracle EBS applications.  Todd is from Dartmouth University.

 Chris Pondish.JPG

Also a current board member and current Vice President for Communications and Membership, Dr. Christopher Pondish from the City University of New York (CUNY) was re-elected representing 2yr institutions.


Two board members who had served two year appointments will join the board in their first term as elected members.

Kathy Bader.jpg

Kathy Bader, Duke University was elected as one of two representatives of 4yr institutions.  Kathy has been very active the last two years during her appointed position working with the regional conferences.


Maureen Knight-Burrell, Northwestern University also was elected to represent 4 yr institutions.  Maureen was the board member who lead the HEUG.Online upgrade of the Issue Tracker functionality to what is now known as Product Enhancement Tracker.


Please welcome these continuing volunteers!

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