Campus Community 2013 Survey Results


Greetings Campus Community folks!

The CC PAG would like to thank you all for the outstanding feedback we got from this year’s survey, and share some key findings. 

Response was excellent, with 75 total replies since August 6.   We had participation from HEUG users in diverse areas including Campus Community, Student Records, SEVIS, Admissions, HR, and Contributor Relations.


Here are some highlights:

92% of respondents are on Campus Solutions 9.0.

41% of respondents have only been on Campus Solutions for 2-5 years.

73% of respondents use the HEUG website on a daily or weekly basis.

Respondents thought the CC PAG should focus on the following areas (in descending order):

  • Additional Features
  • Search/Match and duplicate IDs
  • CS/HCM split
  • CommGen
  • 3C’s & Delegated Access (tie)

53% of respondents would like to receive weekly communication from the CC PAG.  (88% would like to receive communication from the PAG at least once per month.)

58% of respondents will be attending Alliance 2014, with an additional 28% not sure.

85% of respondents have attended Alliance in the past.

The top 6 session topics respondents would like to see at Alliance 2014 were:

  • 26.34%  Additional Features
  • 23.41%  Search/match and duplicate ID management
  • 20.98%  CommGen
  • 16.10%  Delegated Access
  • 10.24%  HCM/CS database split
  • 2.93%    SEVIS

Other topics of interest for Alliance 2014 included text messaging communications, File Parser, and Veterans Benefits. 

44% of respondents replied they have not implemented any additional features due to lack of time, budget, or personnel.

Common Attribute Framework and Names Display Configurability were the two Additional Features respondents most wanted to learn more about.


We really appreciate everyone’s time in providing us with this helpful insight into the user community’s top interests and challenges.  It will be a great asset as we plan the Alliance 2014 experience, and will guide our priorities throughout the year.

Many thanks!



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