HEUG Advisory Group Focus Areas Survey - last chance!

The Focus Areas survey closes on 15th... if you haven't already, please take a moment to complete it.

We've had some great responses so far which will really help us determine our priorities - but it would be great to have more.  As well as being interested in additional topics we are also keen to find out how many of our members are working on projects involving some of the topics already identified.  Have a look at the lists below - are you also working on any of these?  If you are please let us know by completing the survey. 

Focus Areas Survey

In addition to the themes already identified, members are telling us about:

  • Inter-institutional student mobility (collaborations, agreements, incoming/outgoing students)
  • Integration of systems
  • Extra-curricular study and activities
  • Managing changing/flexible academic calendars and regulations
  • Protection of PII (Personal Identifiable Information)
  • Data analytics (Predictive and embedded)
  • Management of access & security (& audit)

As a reminder, these were some of the early themes that emerged:

  • Research - the impact of scholarly output
  • 1098T processing
  • Student placements/internships
  • Regulation of tuition fees/flexibility of criteria
  • Applicant self-service
  • Competency-based education (CBE)
  • Staff effort reporting
  • Managing growth in staff and student numbers
  • Performance-based funding/resource allocation based on metrics
  • Identity management across systems

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