Going global.. after the hype

Where Oracle goes, HEUG goes... this was main theme at the Alliance this year. Going global as going international, not to ignore the phrase 'outside of North America'. And non-North American includes non-native English speakers, South America, Asia, Europe, the Near East.

All is translation
This presents us with a major challenge, which the infamous communication committee and their inspiring leader in the past year, Ted Simpson have picked up real smoothly. Our major documents (benefits HEUG) have been translated in French, Turkish and Dutch. More will follow.

Global PAG Communication
During the summit and the conference many words were said to express the necessity of setting the global focus. Dave Baugh, our past VP product, proudly pointed out the presence of international PAG-members had doubled since last year. The PAG structure will benefit by putting in international liasons that represent the non-North American communities.

Global Communities
Ted Simpson and Hugh Barnes presented a whole new approach to international communities on HEUG online http://www.heug.org/p/co/in/faid=6. we can have our forums in our own language and that will certainly help us getting connected.

We Like to Know What You Think.. surveys and polls!
To help us understand your needs for community services better we use polls and surveys.

Letting us know what you think can pay off. At the Alliance 20% of our attendees completed the sessions evaluation survey by the end of the day Monday march 1st and the 4 lucky winners of a Sony Walkman 8Gb were:
Dan McNeece - Brigham Young University
Becky Letcher - University of Louisville
Zelma DeLeon - University of North Texas
John J. Rome - Arizona State University
Thanks for being a quick responder! Evaluations are open through the first week of april.

Learning about global communication http://work911.com/communication/indexgoofs.htm
Going global.. from my perspective that would be going Dutch. Not the nicest USP for a country http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Going_Dutch

But, I hope to be able to keep on doing the good work Ted and the communication committee folks have done already and assist the non-North Americans in learning from the JanKees http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yankee
Because, lets face it, you're way ahead of us.

Ted, Normandy, Tina, Dave, Vicky, Wendy, Ellen, Steve, Stan, Traci, Carol, Mick, Chris, Jaap, Lew, Fred, Bill, Scott, Margaret, George, and all the previous and future communication volunteers: thank you for making this the best job around!


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re Going Global

April 12, 2010 01:49 PM by Jane Baratta

Although you may consider the North Americans as one group with similar education systems this is definitely not the case.  The Canadian education model is quite different than the US model.  We have many needs in common with other non-US schools and I for one am very supportive of changes to open up functionality to those of us outside the US.


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