Campus Solutions 9.0 October 2016 Bundle #43

Campus Solutions 9.0 October 2016 Bundle #43 is now available.
Where to learn more:
Functional documentation is available for Campus Solutions Bundles on My Oracle Support PeopleSoft Campus Solutions 9.0 Documentation - Bundles, Feature Packs, Additional Features, and Other Releases (Doc ID 2047464.1). Select the link for CS 9.0 Bundle #43 Functional Documentation.
For information about the latest updates to PeopleBooks you can refer to Most Recent Versions of Campus Solutions 9.0 Chapters (Doc ID 1523915.1)
Current Adviser Webcasts Schedule and Archived Downloads can be found by going to My Oracle Support, PeopleSoft Enterprise Adviser Webcast Schedule and Archived recordings (Doc ID 1456265.1). The webcast related to this bundle is: PeopleSoft Financial Aid Regulatory 2017-2018 Release 2 (9.0 Bundle 43,9.2 PUM Image 3).

Thanks for your assistance.
Susan Beidler
Larry Borgione
Campus Solutions Product Strategy



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