1098T Presentations

As the year comes to a close, past 1098T presentations may be a good refresher.  Click on the links below.

https://www.heug.org/p/do/sd/sid=28013  1098T Payments Received Method and Payment Plans Brian Robson 2019

https://www.heug.org/p/do/sd/sid=25686 Making the Leap to Box #1 for 1098T Tax Reporting Bonnie Raper 2018

https://www.heug.org/p/do/sd/sid=20679  1098T Step by Step Darlene Tompkins 2016 

https://www.heug.org/p/do/sd/topic=2364&sid=14877  SF 1098T Ken Pattillo 2013


-Mary Beth

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1098T Presentations

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