So You Want to Complete the Presenter Certification Series? (Good for You!)

We're so excited to hear of YOUR excitement about the HEUG's new member benefit, the Presenter Certification Program!

As Lauren mentioned in a recent post, the goals of this program are to:

  • Enhance the quality of presentations at Alliance and other HEUG regional/international events
  • Promote the professional development of HEUG members, as an additional benefit of HEUG participation

The Program is a series of interactive sessions (with homework!) designed to help you improve the quality of your professional presentations, large and small, formal and informal. That means we'll be working with you in a variety of important areas, like content ... delivery ... slides ... handouts ... poster sessions ... and audience engagement.

Sound good? We think so!

The terrific staff at the HEUG are helping the Project & Change Management (PCM) advisory group build the Presenter Certification Program website now.

We'll let you know as soon as the information is available online. And -- for those of you who participated in the Virtual Alliance 2020 session on Presenter Certification/Content and Delivery -- we'll be reaching out to you shortly with your homework assignments! You're the first participants in the Presenter Cert Program and we can't wait to see the good work you're doing!

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So You Want to Complete the Presenter Certification Series? (Good for You!)

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