Release Value Proposition for Campus Solutions Additional Features (formerly known as feature packs)

Happy New Year! Please see the note below from the Campus Solutions team. Also note that the term "Feature Pack" has been changed to "Additional Features" in order to align with naming conventions used in other PeopleSoft product lines. - PC

We want to let you know that the Release Value Proposition (RVP) for Campus Solutions Additional Features January 2011 is now available on My Oracle Support!  The Doc ID on My Oracle Support is 1278039.1.  Also, the RVP availability is announced on the Campus Solutions Product Information Center page on My Oracle Support; check the NEWS Section.We are very pleased to share this RVP with our customers as we think they will find significant value in the features we have planned which include:


·         Accounts Payable Direct Deposit Refunding
·         Admission Applications Web Services – Application Fee Integration
·         Admission Applications Web Services – Application Fee Waivers  

Please note that Campus Solutions is changing the label “Feature Pack” to “Additional Features”.  This change impacts ONLY the label of this type of delivery vehicle, not the contents, packaging or frequency previously described in the Continuous Delivery Model.  We are making this name change for consistency with the rest of the PeopleSoft product line.  The term “Feature Pack” is now used to define that Oracle will re-cut the Campus Solutions 9.0 CD to include the roll-up of capabilities and updates previously delivered in bundles and maintenance packs.  Feature Packs are specifically designed for net-new Campus Solutions customers or customers upgrading to CS 9.0. The name change takes effect with the Additional Features January 2011 delivery and is not retro-active to earlier Feature Packs.


additional features timeline

January 10, 2011 09:58 AM by Brett Bendickson
Feature Packs seemed to come out relatively rarely, like twice a year. And now this RVP is just labeled with a month and year. Is Oracle going to be releasing Additional Features with every bundle from now on?

Couple per year

January 10, 2011 10:10 AM by Paul Czarapata

My understanding is the "additional features" will still be roughly a couple per year and not every bundle will have additional features in it.

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