HRMS- PAG Quarterly Update

As we round the corner and turn into the home stretch of the PAG year leading up to the Alliance Conference, we continue to work toward the HRMS PAG goals for 2010-11

1. Advocate for Higher Ed member needs by input to Oracle about the PeopleSoft HCM product.

• Meet monthly with Oracle’s PeopleSoft Vice President for HCM Strategy
• Assist Oracle in identifying HEUG members to serve on workgroups
          Action taken: Oracle’s PeopleSoft Vice President for HCM Strategy has attended and actively
                                   contributed to monthly PAG meetings. She has provided updates on items
                                   that are then shared with PAG members through the listserv.
                               One PAG-member institution is serving as pilot for Oracle’s Upgrade Advisor. 
                               Shared information with Oracle about a request from the Financials side to have
                                    a combo edit by source code.

2. Participate in Oracle/HEUG workgroups

• Encourage HEUG members to update their profile, as a way to identify members to solicit to serve
          on workgroups.
• Explore joint HRMS/Budget PAG meeting with a demo from oracle on what functionality exists to
          streamline the annual salary budget process.
• Request joint meeting with the Reporting PAG on the direction of HR analytics.
          Action taken: Chair of Business Intelligence (Reporting) PAG attended 10/14/10 PAG meeting
                                   and made a presentation about what is ahead in the area of business intelligence.
                              Shared business process scenarios on position budgeting to the Budget PAG for use
                                   in preparing a 2011 Alliance session.
                              2011 Alliance conference:
                                       62 presentations were submitted for consideration; selected 32. 
                                       Requested cross-PAG meetings at the Summit meeting preceding the Alliance
                                            Conference with Campus Solutions to discuss the HRMS/CS split, and with
                                            Budget to continue the annual budget/position budget issues.
                              Began planning Sunday Community Session

3. Continue interaction with other HR user groups, such as the Oracle HCM Users Group (OHUG) and the Public Sector Users Group (PSUG).
*  Support PSUG effort to give in put to Oracle about information made available with bundles.
*  Coordinate with EBS, PSUG and OHUG 
          Action taken: PSUG continues to invite HEUG HRMS members to their monthly webinars

4. Enhance communication with HEUG HRMS members.
*   Put overviews on newsletter emails for those who get the listserv messages in the digest format
*   Explore ability to have the newsletter open in email directly, as opposed to just an attachment.
*   Publish 3-4 newsletters Education of members on how to “expand your local network.”
          Action taken: Notified HRMS members of release of Tax Update 11A, for which they were eagerly awaiting.
                              Notified HRMS members for Tools 8.51 release.
                              Listserv remains active, with Monitor ensuring responses are received to questions. If not, she
                                   follows up and solicits responses.
                              Newsletter was distributed in November.

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