Oracle’s security assurance and the Critical Patch Update process

Due to the recent increase in interest around PeopleSoft security, we have arranged for Oracle to give us an overview of the Critical Patch Update process on March 8th. 

This one-hour session is recommended for application security and IT personnel responsible for system maintenance. Learn about Oracle’s security assurance and the Critical Patch Update process; how do you plan for the CPU release and how do you decide what features of your infrastructure are affected.

In the session, we will discuss how Oracle conducts an analysis of each security vulnerability addressed by a Critical Patch Update (CPU) or a Security Alert. The results of the security analysis are reflected in the severity of the CPU or Security Alert and the associated documentation describing, for example, the type of vulnerability, the conditions required to exploit it and the result of a successful exploit. Oracle provides this information, in part, so that customers may conduct their own risk analysis based on the particulars of their product usage.

We hope you’ll join us.  See to register.

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Can we get this scheduled again?

July 30, 2012 04:55 PM by Denise Goin

I am not sure how many people attended the last one, but a repeat would be nice.  A lot of talk about this constantly!

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