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Over the past two years HEUG, like most organizations, has worked very diligently to provide many and varied avenues of communications.  Forays into Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, the proliferation of blogs and the ever expanding HEUG website provide our members and subscribers with a tremendous array of information in a multitude of formats.  For the information junkie, this can be akin to data nirvana.  For the mere mortal, the sheer volume can be daunting at times and often leads to the deletion of unread emails.  Embarrassingly, I admit to being as guilty of this practice as anyone.

As with any entity that has undergone a period of expansion, HEUG communications is now entering a period of assessment.  In the coming year we will be looking at the many channels of communication we currently use with an eye to increasing efficiency.  Our goal is not to provide less information, but to provide information in ways that are less invasive.  An important part of any assessment effort is input from constituents and to that end; I invite you to share your suggestions with me (you can email me through the HEUG website).

We think what we communicate is important and we want our communications channels to be effective.

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