PeopleSoft CRM 9.1.....just another release?

Several users in Higher Ed have been using PeopleSoft CRM for some time.  So what's the big deal about CRM 9.1?

The big deal is that CRM 9.1 will include content specific to Higher Ed.  There will be integrations specific to Higher Ed (available starting with CRM 9.1 and Feature Pack 2 of Campus Solutions 9.0).  CRM 9.1 will also include Higher Ed-specific demo data.  There's more, but hopefully this encourages you to dig in deeper and not just treat it as 'another release'.  Ok, so how do you do that?

Oracle releases a Statement of Direction (SOD) for each product prior to release.  The general SOD for CRM 9.1 is now available.  Remember this is a general document and does not go into detail about industry-specific features.  A SOD with a Higher Ed focus will be available in a few weeks.

Like more information?  Periodically check this blog as I will post an entry once the Higher Ed-specific SOD is released.  Also, join the CRM listserve in HEUG Online.




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