The Future of Enrollment

The Student Records PAG has been consolidating all of the issues on the SR Issue Tracker that pertain to enrollment so far this year. We are planning to present to Oracle at Alliance 2012 a consolidated requirements document to pave the way for future enhancements and updates to our current enrollment processing. This project is dubbed the ‘Enrollment Super Issue’.

So far, we have distilled out the fundamental needs and requirements represented in existing, posted issues.

We are particularly interested in holding on to only those issues that seem reasonable for product support, as opposed to those that would meet institutionally unique needs or may not be effectively served by the Campus Solutions product. Our ultimate goal is to create a super issue that clearly enumerates and describes the fundamental requirements.

Now that we have gotten this far with the project, it is time to solicit feedback from you!

To get the conversation started, we have setup a blog for this topic, so we can hear your voice!

Tell us how you see student enrollment looking and behaving in the next five to ten years compared to what it is now...

 What are the shortcomings for enrollment, prerequisite checking, wait-listing and/or messaging?

What about the Student Self Service Enrollment experience?

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Enrollment Ideas

April 5, 2013 11:56 AM by Jessica Muehlberg

I know this blog is super-old with no comments, but per normal Alliance has left me rejuvenated and wanting to pursue to highly needed enhancements.

In terms of the future of enrollment, here is our short wish list.

1. Pre-requisite checking that would look at start and end dates of classes and not terms.  Not only is this important with satisfying pre-reqs with sessions, but also for making sure a student in an OEE class is complete on time, if the OEE is tied to a prior term but will not end until after a subsequent term.

2. When a enrollment request is submitted, redesign (scary, I know) the enrollment engine is such a way that it checks for all possible enrollment errors.  Some students often spend days trying to reconcile why they cannot get into a class because once they fix one issue, another one pops up.

3. Redesign the delievered class schedule to better display to students which sections are associated.  There are already some examples (Adjust Class Associations) that pull this data together, but students need to be able to easily identify how the institutions has associated the various sections together.

4. Allow configurability to the edits allowed during enrollment.  For example instructor choice can be set up, yet we can not require that the student have selected a value.  Same with variable credits.  Allow some configurability to defaults and data entry edits.

Well...this is a start.

Jessie Muehlberg


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