Creating a Service Request on My Oracle Support

If you’re new to an Oracle product or it’s been a while since you’ve listed a Service Request on My Oracle Support this blog is for you!  Read on for some simple step-by-step instructions on “Creating a Service Request in My Oracle Support.”

Remember, My Oracle Support is the best place to list critical bugs.  Cases listed are reviewed by Oracle.  An Oracle Customer Support person will get back to you via email.

However, the PAG does not monitor the Oracle website.  In fact, only other people from your staff who have registered in My Oracle Support can see your cases—so be sure to list your item in Issue Tracker too.  There is a field in Issue Tracker to reference your Service Request (SR) #.

If you’ve never submitted a Service Request, these instructions should make your first experience easy as 1-2-3!  Click on the hyperlinks below to get the info you need!

1)      Set up a Profile on My Oracle Support (if you’ve not already done so). 

2)      Get your product information from your Database Administrator or IT Dept. (Click here to see what you’ll need)

3)      Create your Service Report on My Oracle Support (Check out the step-by-step instructions available via this link.) 

If you have a bug or burning issue on your desk, there’s no reason to wait.  Log your Service Request today!

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