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Kirsty McConn-Palfreyman

University of Glasgow


In August 2016 I joined University Of Glasgow as Functional Lead for Student Records, in January 2017 this role was extended to include Admissions. While I would see myself as beginner or learner PSCS user I am lucky enough to be surrounded by a highly experience team. The PSCS projects I have been involved with since joining University Of Glasgow include developing a new online application form, exploration of programme enrolment and activity management, reviewing the registration and enrolment process and investigating file parser (a new functionality in University Of Glasgow).

My career to date has involved a variety of educational tools, previously I was responsible for the online learning environment Moodle ina private equity online learning company. I am an advocate for lifelong learning and have an MSc in Blended and Online Learning.

I am interested in data analytics and in 2015, I lead a transformation project to examine the online learner’s onboarding experience (onboarding was defined as the first 6 weeks of study). Changes were implemented to support learners at critical points in their journey; this resulted in an increase of retention, satisfaction and profit. At the University Of Glasgow, data governance is a growing interest and in 2017 we are working towards implementing new software that will assist us in understanding the journey our data takes in order to improve ownership and accountability.

Since joining the University Of Glasgow I have been lucky enough to attend both the EMEA and Alliance conferences. I presented at the EMEA conference, Barcelona 2017 and Alliance, Salt Lake City 2018. This year as the new European GDPR (General Data Protect Regulations) come into place I expect there may be another presentation in me. Our understanding of GDPR is broadening across Europe and the requirements for our PSCS is expanding quickly. It’s going to be a busy year!