Mrs. Nilgun Oneren

The University of Manchester

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Currently, I am the PeopleSoft Functional Lead at the University of Manchester. As part of my role, I've been working closely with other UK Institutions and Oracle and led and supported development of new features with Program Enrolment and Activity Management module on behalf of UK User Group. I have 12+ years of Campus Solutions experience and 15+ years of experience with Oracle Technologies across multiple institutions and multiple countries. I have held various roles working with PeopleSoft, including Project Manager, Solutions Architect, Functional Lead, Technical Lead, developer, systems administrator, and consultant.

  • Implemented Turkey’s first PeopleSoft Campus Solutions project for Acibadem University
  • Joined Ciber UK in 2015
    • Led CS 9.2 Implementation Plan Analysis for Alliance Manchester Business School
    • Implemented Program Enrolment and Activity Management (PEAM) functionality for UK, China, and Malaysia campuses for the University of Nottingham
    • Worked closely with Oracle to get fixes for the PEAM Functionality
  • Joined University of Manchester in 2017
    • Led CS 9.2 Upgrade for PEAM functionality
    • With UK User Group
      • Reached out to Oracle to fix all major and other important defects in PEAM
      • Supported Oracle by providing solutions, writing functional design documents, and testing to develop new functionalities that required an enormous number of manual transactions from users, such as
        • APT Synchronization for syncing enrolment records of students’ Academic Progress Trackers’ (without a bolt-on needed to be done manually for each enrolment
        • APT Transfer for transferring Academic Progress Tracker results and all other information from one instance to another in case of new changes or a program/plan change
        • Mandatory Pass Calculation, enabling mark calculation to be as it is and mark an outcome as failed instead of being calculated as 0 automatically when a student fails a mandatory pass element of a course
  • Supported and trained on-site and offshore developers for Ciber India, Ciber US, and Accenture Philippines for Rules Engine Manager and PEAM
  • Developed webinars for PEAM for HEUG Education Series
  • Gave various presentations in EMEA and other international conferences for HEUG
  • Presented a 3-hour workshop at Alliance 2021: PEAM 101 - Setting up and Managing Program Enrolment and Activity Management