Oracle Strategy for Student Applications Development - YOUR Feedback Needed!

By Jane Broad posted 03-21-2017 02:35 AM


As a reminder, the HEUG Board is very interested in receiving as many thoughts and viewpoints around Oracle’s announcement about an accelerated development for the Student Cloud, the new options for migrating directly from Campus Solutions 9.0 into the Student Cloud, and the continued development of Campus Solutions 9.2.

This is a critical time in which to provide your feedback!  We are involved in the formative stages of the Student Cloud and the potential direction for and pace of adoption of these new tools, so it is critical that we have broad input to assist us in working with Oracle on the expectations of our membership.  As you know, this was a hot topic at the Advisory Group Summit and Alliance this year.  The sooner the HEUG can provide feedback, the more effective it will be for all of our members.

Please know that we are just as interested in your individual thoughts and feedback as we are for more formal feedback on behalf of your larger institutions and systems. We need to hear from you so that as we work with Oracle moving forward, we are truly representing our constituents moving forward.  Know that this is a members' forum for individuals to ask questions, seek clarification or post ideas - just like all the other forums.

Some potential areas of feedback would be:

  • the timeline for sustaining support for Campus Solutions 9.0, and what would the impact be for a university moving from CS9.0 to the Student Cloud with perhaps only 12 months for the implementation?
  • What are the impacts on the long-term support for Campus Solutions 9.2?
  • What tools and migration support for the Student Cloud separates the Oracle product from the competitors?
  • What are the implications for PeopleSoft Finance and Human Resources as well as Oracle EBS?

As we move forward, we can only effectively represent our members by getting direct and candid feedback FROM our members. Please take a few moments to let us know what you are thinking about using the new forum - Student Applications Development Strategy Feedback - whether it is just your personal opinion or a more institutionally representative perspective.

Thank you in advance for your engagement and we look forward to continue working on your behalf.