Enhancement Tracking

By Darla Bruno posted 06-18-2019 06:58 AM


As the HEUG EBS Advisory Group enhancement tracker, each month, I will be posting a list of HEUG EBS Oracle enhancement requests, referred to as ideas in the Oracle Community.  This list will be a spreadsheet that will show the status, date created and last activity date for each HEUG EBS idea.  Find below information on viewing and creating ideas as well as ways to help ideas get traction with Oracle Development.

Find HEUG EBS ideas in the Oracle Community:

To see the list of HEUG EBS ideas you can login to the Oracle Community and use this handy link:

You can search from the My Oracle Support Communities welcome page.  Use the Advanced Search feature by clicking the Search icon in the upper right corner of the Community screen.  Hit enter when the search comes up and that will launch the advanced search.  The filter definitions appear on the rights side, fill them in as such:

  • Search for = Content
  • Last modified = All time
  • Sort By = relevance
  • Restrict Results by Location = Oracle E-Business Suite (MOSC)
  • Subspace depth = All Subspaces
  • Show = Ideas

Now enter heug-ebs in the search box and click search.

To post a new idea:

From the My Oracle Support Community home page:

Click on the Oracle E-Business Suite (MOSC) community

Choose an E-Business Suite Space from the list, for example, Fixed Assets – EBS (MOSC), General Ledger – EBS (MOSC), etc.

On the far right-hand side of the page under Actions, choose Create an idea.

Enter the title and description of your idea, be sure to include the business problem you are trying to solve in the description.  Next, at the bottom of the page, add tags to help others find your idea. 

Adding tags is very important.  The easier it is for people to find your idea, the more likely you are to have your idea voted up.  The more votes you get, the more attention your idea will get from Oracle Development.  To this end, HEUG can be of assistance.  Our members can be alerted that your idea has been created and HEUG members can vote it up.  Make sure to include tags for heug and heug-ebs when tagging E-Business Suite ideas.  This will help HEUG members find other HEUG members ideas and potentially increase the number of votes your idea receives.

More ways to get your idea noticed by Oracle Development:

Comment on ideas.  If an idea has a lot of comments, it is a signal to Oracle Development that there is interest in this idea being implemented.  Asking questions in the comments is a good way to stimulate activity for your idea.

Another thing you can do to increase the chances that your idea will be implemented is to fill in the Company field on your profile.  You can just put Higher Education instead of your actual school if you wish.  I’ve requested that industry be added to the profile for this purpose, but until then Company will do fine.  This helps Oracle Development to know what kind of users are needing this functionality and helps them know where to focus.

It’s also helpful to have a name in your profile. It doesn’t have to be your real name, but it makes it easier for Oracle Development to address questions to you rather than User123456789. 

If you have any questions on searching for or logging ideas in the Oracle Community, please post it in the HEUG E-Business Suite forum and the Advisory Group will respond.

Darla Bruno
Enhancement Tracker, EBS Advisory Group