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By Sarah Bryan posted 12-28-2018 09:07 AM



Student Financials

The Student Financials Product Advisory Group is a HEUG-affiliated group that acts in an advisory capacity to the Oracle SF Development team. Additionally, the PAG meets to discuss issues relevant to the Student Financials community, considers the impact on the use of the Oracle product, suggests possible approaches to address these issues, and helps Oracle prioritize development work when appropriate. The PAG communicates monthly with the PS SF Listserv. The PAG also reviews and selects presentations for the SF Track of the Alliance Conference.  

webinar series

Webinar Series
Educational presentations bringing members hot topics, relevant trainings, & useful demonstrations.

webinar series
discussion forums

Discussion Forums
A place for members to discuss issues, share knowledge, & talk about products or services.

discussion forums
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File Libraries
Users have the ability to share multiple documents with other members through our categorized online file storage.

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