Expand Your Training Staff in a Few Hours? We Did It!

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Getting the word out about your new PeopleSoft system is one of the most important and challenging tasks associated with an implementation or upgrade. So many resources must be devoted to the project that universal utilization of the system is crucial. But how do you spread the word with a limited training & communications staff?

Diffusion of Innovations research indicates that staff members are much more likely to react positively to messages about the new system when those messages are delivered by their peers. Those new to training & communications often lack one or more of the basic skills necessary to make them successful at delivering these messages, but with a few tools and some coaching, they can be very effective.

One of the tools iPeople used was a flash drive containing the presentations our ambassadors were giving, documents to be printed, and Train-the-Trainer tips. We also had iPeople promotional items they could give away. But the most important asset for the promotional & training effort was the people we chose and trained as Ambassadors!

We recently implemented these tools and more at Illinois State University, and the result was the diffusion of knowledge and excitement about iPeople all over campus, in a relatively short time.

Want to know more?

Julie Jenson (Illinois State University) and I are presenting a session titled “How to Expand Your Training Staff in a Few Hours” at Alliance 2012, to explain how ILSTU did just that for their “iPeople” system. We will explain both the steps ILSTU took to create and equip “Ambassadors” and how their experiences can help you do the same. Julie has been in the training field for over 20 years and was a key player in the ILSTU iPeople implementation. I often work with new trainers to help them improve their presentation skills, and recently completed my Master’s degree in Strategic Communications, which included a thesis on (you guessed it!) “Communicating Your New PeopleSoft System.” Our presentation will be followed by a Q/A session.

I will also be available for further discussion at the CedarCrestone booth. Be sure to stop by and say “Hi!”


About Kent Sipes

Kent Sipes has a passion to help people communicate more effectively, especially in public speaking. As a communication and training specialist, he believes that the skills he helps others to acquire are gifts no one can take away. This commitment to helping others shows in his educational choices (MA, Strategic Communications) and the hallmark of his Train-the-Trainer (T3) presentations: service to the audience and the message. Kent most often teaches PeopleSoft Query, UPK Developer, and Train-the-Trainer courses. He lives in Southern Indiana with his wife and rowdy dog.

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