10 Reasons Why Our Customers Choose Oracle Cloud HCM

By Albert Qian posted 11-23-2020 11:06 AM


By Jayme Mesecher, Product Marketing Director

As an HR professional, one of your goals and top priorities is to provide the right set of tools and resources to help your workforce navigate business processes seamlessly and efficiently. Often, that means choosing a human capital management solution to meet the needs of your organization. At Oracle—our focus is just that—creating an experience that employees and managers love, while also being a trusted partner that businesses can depend on as they navigate disruption with agility and resilience. 

That said, don’t take our word for it. Our customers are delighted with Oracle Cloud HCM, enabling them to simplify their once complex processes across a variety of industries and geographies.  Here are the top ten reasons they’ve shared with us for choosing Oracle Cloud HCM. 

1. Personal and Modern User Experience

It’s not unrealistic to want your consumer technology experience at home to match the B2B SaaS solutions used at work. Our customers depend on us to close the gap between the two with Oracle Cloud HCM, which offers an intuitive mobile-responsive experience that’s personalized to fit your natural working style, and highly configurable to make your day more productive.

2. Adaptable and Extensible

Wouldn’t it be nice if your systems were agile, up-to-date, and easily configurable as your needs change—whether it’s reorganization, mergers & acquisitions, divestitures, or regulatory compliance changes? Our customers think so too, and depend on us as a complete one-stop-shop for their teams to get their work done independently and efficiently—from configuring organization charts to modeling their workforce to set up process—without IT’s involvement.

“We’ve reduced our labor turnover by 11%, which is fantastic, and we have an offer acceptance rate of 98%. We are actually performing above industry benchmarks now.”
Yvonne Foster, Head of Resourcing Services, The Co-op

3. Intelligent Applications

Have you officially run out of shows to watch on Netflix when you decide to browse the “recommended for you section?” These smart recommendations are examples of Netflix employees tagging content and machine learning bubbling up the next best show for you. Now, imagine a human capital management platform that could alert you of potential employee flight risks, or recommend learning opportunities to keep your staff engaged. Oracle Cloud HCM uses next-generation technology, such as artificial intelligence, which combines data with advanced machine learning to help improve talent management, provide complete workforce insights, and increase operational efficiency.

4. Complete HCM Cloud

If you could choose between managing 50 different HR systems, integrations, data sources, and POs, or one, central HCM platform—I guarantee you’d choose the latter. This is why Oracle customers choose us time and time again for all of their business needs. Organizations that want to manage the entire employee lifecycle select Oracle Cloud HCM because it is built as a single cloud solution across human resources, talent management, learning, recruiting, work-life, HR help desk, payroll, benefits, and time and labor. Plus, it connects your organization with a full suite of applications across finance, supply chain, and sales and marketing.

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5. Business Value

Our customers leverage our simply powerful HCM cloud application to drive business value through better user engagement and adoption, streamlined processes, improved productivity, and lower total cost of ownership.

Our customer, SRACO, recently shared some of the value in switching to the cloud:

“We required a complete and cost-effective solution. The beauty of Oracle Human Capital Management Cloud is that it is user friendly and integrates seamlessly with our systems.”
—Abdullah O. Al Salih, SRG IT Director, SRACO

If you’re currently choosing your next HCM system, these are some of the results that should help illustrate how our customers are seeing the immediate value in their decision.

“With Oracle Human Capital Management Cloud, we have enhanced our HR efficiency by reducing HR processing time by 50% and external IT support by 80%. This has optimized strategic planning throughout our tanker, terminals, container, and other business units while boosting our employer brand,” —Michael Bresser, Global Business Application Manager Corporate Functions, Stolt-Nielsen Limited

6. Innovation Powerhouse

Our customers love that they are able to realize new technologies within the Oracle Cloud HCM application, like artificial intelligence, a digital assistant, and embedded predictive analytics. Each year, we invest US $6 billion in R&D (supported by more than 40,000 developers) so we can bring you the latest technology and incorporate customer-sourced ideas.

7. Data Security and Privacy

Security is a top priority for Oracle Cloud solutions and the last thing we want our customers to do is worrying if their data is secure. Oracle has a strong security culture, formal security policies, and our products have been used for mission-critical government and enterprise applications across the world. Oracle employs some of the world’s foremost security experts in information, database, application, infrastructure, and network security—bringing you the best team to back up your data requirements.

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8. A Vibrant HR Community

None of our innovations would be possible without an engaged community. Our customers are constantly up-leveling our work and keeping us passionate about what we do here at Oracle. Oracle Cloud Customer Connect is a vibrant online community of 55,000+ HCM members ready to help you in your journey. The goal of this online community is to crowdsource information, with everyone on the same version of Oracle Cloud HCM, and share everything from the latest release information to your burning product question.

9. Customer Success 

How does a stress-free implementation and an integrated, thriving, efficient HCM platform sound? We are here to help you when the lifting gets heavy and to optimize your system. New Oracle customers have access to an implementation success manager, on-demand education, as well as success planning tools. In addition, you will have access to 24/7 customer service across 145 countries worldwide to help you maximize the value of your investment.

10. Global Capabilities

Most enterprises today operate at both the global and local level, so our customers like that Oracle Cloud HCM is designed globally at the core to meet both corporate and regional needs for over 200+ jurisdictions and 25+ languages. To the end-user, the system can be regarded as a local system, while on a higher level, all these local solutions can be rolled up as part of a global solution to the organization.

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