Creating Learning Equity in The Workplace

By Albert Qian posted 12-07-2020 11:10 AM


By Damien Carey, SVP Oracle University

Organizations are in unprecedented times as they contend with the continuous evolution of technology, rapid acceleration of innovation, and a new velocity of disruption. These external forces are beyond their control, yet they present both uncertainty and opportunity.

In order to outpace change, emerge stronger, and prepare for the future, organizations are reimagining their business functions in the era of digital disruption. Although cloud computing and other innovative technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), chatbots, blockchain, and the Internet of Things (IoT) show great promise, the catalyst behind an organization’s ability to adapt rapidly and innovate, is a workforce that is resilient and responsive to an ever-changing world. A workforce that is empowered, learns faster than the competition and continually evolves to be their best.

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Leaders are realizing the urgency to recalibrate their focus; to place a higher emphasis on developing a continuous learning culture that embeds learning as part of daily work. By promoting a continuous learning culture within the workforce, and enterprise becomes committed to ongoing improvement and enhanced performance, leading to a culture of growth and innovation with talent at the apex of their strategy.

Employees shouldn’t need to go through knowledge gatekeepers to acquire the education they need to do their jobs. Commoditizing knowledge in an organization is no longer a trend, it has become a necessity, and something that top talent expects. With this change, there has come a shift from an event-based, push-learning model for selected employees to a continuous, on-demand learning model for all employees, which is learner-centric and meets the need for just-in-time acquisition of knowledge and skills. This transition empowers employees to take charge of their own training and develop a core competency of “self-directed learning” that is essential for a sustainable learning culture in any organization.

Today, technology plays a vital role in learning. Organizations need to lean on technology to enable access to self-service knowledge for all employees; both on-demand and just-in-time learning (what, where, and when they need it in the natural flow of their day-to-day work).

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At Oracle University, we have invested heavily in modern learning practices to help organizations and their employees improve and grow. Our solutions range from on-demand, expert-led digital courses, and certifications to just-in-time digital adoption solutions, allowing organizations to drive mastery of Oracle solutions as well as ubiquitous communication and effective change management at scale. Regardless of role or position, our learning solutions provide a seamless, consistent, and accessible way to help employees upskill, reskill, and navigate their day-to-day responsibilities.

This digital model empowers our customers to drive lasting business value and thrive in their Oracle Cloud journey long after initial go-live. Company-wide learning is a must-have resource for every organization and professional to stay on top of emerging technologies and to retain and attract top talent.

Provisioning our learning platforms across your workforce equalizes learning opportunities and is a form of practiced “inclusivity” in the workplace. This investment pays dividends as it propels the organization on the path to realize:

  • Increased collective performance of the workforce
  • Improved productivity, efficiency, and quality
  • A growth mindset that fosters a progressive and forward-thinking workplace
  • Increased innovation and strategic utilization of technology
  • A culture for effective change and continuous improvement

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About the Author

Damien Carey, Senior Vice President of Oracle University, leads the foremost global IT education and certification provider for Oracle solutions. Damien is passionate about life-long learning and empowering businesses and professionals to achieve more through education and enablement. Throughout the course of his 25-year tenure at Oracle, Damien has continuously reimagined how education is created and delivered to ensure its effectiveness and ability to keep pace with shifting world norms and rapidly changing technology. Damien remains vigilantly focused on providing innovative, modern, digital education that is designed to seamlessly integrate with a learner’s daily life so they can learn without constraint.