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HEUG Alliance Call for Papers: It's Open, It's Fresh, and It's Waiting for YOU!

By Brittany Moon posted 09-06-2023 09:00 AM


Hey there, Alliance enthusiasts! 🎉

You've probably been hearing the whispers, feeling the buzz, and marking your calendars. The anticipation has been building and we can finally shout it from the rooftops: HEUG Alliance Call for Papers is OPEN!

New Focus Areas - Get Ready to Dive Deep!

If you thought last year's themes were exciting, hold on to your hats because this year is all about innovation. Let's peek at these novel focus areas on the Alliance website:

  1. Data to Decisions: Delve deep into the nexus where data meets actionable insights. This realm emphasizes tools and strategies to harness data, leading institutions toward informed decision-making and enhanced outcomes.
  2. Student Technology Portfolio: Cover a variety of robust modern student technology solutions that can complement and help manage the various student lifecycle activities from admissions to graduation and streamline the overall student engagement.
  3. Innovative Teaching and Learning Management: Exploring the latest EdTech trends, techniques, and innovations in teaching, learning, and training. It is designed to help stakeholders enhance student and employee engagement, learning outcomes, and overall educational experiences.
  4. Elevating "U": Personal and professional development take center stage. Dive deep into soft skills, leadership tactics, career strategies, and tools that not only promise personal growth but also enrich institutional ethos.

... And more! Dive into the details and see where your expertise fits best.

The Pressure is OFF! (Well, kind of...)

Wondering if you need a perfectly polished proposal? Here's some happy news: NOPE! While you should absolutely strive for clarity and coherence, you don’t need to have everything nailed down to the last detail.

What’s REALLY important? A smashing title and a captivating description! Get those creative juices flowing because your title and description are the baits that hook us all in. Check out the guidelines here.

But Wait... A Fun Phoenix Fact Before You Go!

Phoenix, Arizona, is often referred to as the "Valley of the Sun" because of its consistently sunny weather. But here's a fun twist: Phoenix boasts more than 300 sunny days a year, making it one of the sunniest places in the United States! So, if you're ever in need of a vitamin D boost, you know where to head.

Remember to pack your sunglasses and sunscreen when you visit Phoenix for Alliance 2024; the sun sure loves to shine there! 😎🌞

Cheers to a fabulous HEUG Alliance 2024!