ORACLE'S IDEAS LAB: View My Classes - Allow Show Dropped Classes to Not Show by default

By Carmen Plummer posted 09-15-2023 11:24 AM


CAMPUS SOLUTIONS 9.2: Fluid View My Classes Page.

As delivered, the Show Dropped Classes checkbox is disabled until a student actually drops a class. Once a class is dropped, the checkbox is enabled and the student can 'uncheck' the checkbox so dropped classes will not appear. This is all done through PeopleCode.

This is a cause for concern since students are confused when a student unchecks the Show Dropped Courses checkbox and makes other selections the default settings are reapplied. We feel there would be less confusion if the student view defaulted to not Show Dropped Class and they could make the appropriate selection to display them. Or allow this option to be set via a setup page; for example, Set Up SACR, Product Related, Student Records, Fluid Self Service Setup, Class Search Setup, View My Classes Options.

Comments and votes would be much appreciated, Thank You!

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