Innovating in Higher Education When the Budget Drops Out

By Joyce Kim posted 09-23-2020 12:06 PM


As higher education institutions enter the fall semester, they are encumbered by a series of financial constraints, exacerbated by the loss of spring and summer revenue, budget cuts, declining enrollments, and heavy expenditures on COVID-related campus safety measures.  Yet despite – or rather, because of – all these issues, funding long-term projects to support institutional sustainability and future growth is more critical than ever. How do schools build the bridge?

 To explore these issues, Oracle hosted the second virtual panel discussion, “Innovating in Higher Education When the Budget Drops Out,” in our Building Resiliency series in September 2020. Diane Goddard, CFO of the University of Kansas, Randall Melton, CIO of Spring Arbor University, and Dwane Sterling, CTO of Skidmore College, spoke with Oracle’s VP of Product Management, Nicole Engelbert, about how their schools are managing current financial uncertainties and using technology to support future innovation. To read the full blog, click here