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Spend Time on Students, Not Processes - Join Oracle's webinar with SUNY Westchester on October 14th

By Joyce Kim posted 21 days ago


Few areas within higher education are more complex than financial aid, which pushes students and their families to the breaking point and forces institutions to make painful decisions about where to spend scarce resources. Inspired by the challenges of the last 18 months, a growing number of institutions have begun their journey to build the financial aid office of the future with Oracle Student Financial Planning. 

Joining their ranks is SUNY Westchester Community College (WCC). Like many community colleges, its mission is to provide its 30K students with an accessible, affordable, and high-quality education, making the delivery of financial aid a particularly urgent challenge – and Oracle SFP the perfect solution. 

WCC has been a part of the Oracle Cloud community since 2019, when it selected Oracle Student Management and Oracle CX Recruiting to transform the experience of its continuing education program, which is the largest program of its kind within the SUNY system. Now the college will be switching out its Campus Solutions’ financial aid module for Oracle SFP (using Oracle’s out-of-the-box integration between Campus Solutions and SFP) to further their pursuit of better student outcomes with Oracle Cloud. 

On Thursday, October 14th, 2 PM ET, Nicole Engelbert, Oracle VP of Higher Education Development, will host a fireside chat with Anthony Scordino, WCC’s VP of Information Technology; Teresita Wisell, Vice President and Dean for Workforce Development and Community Education; and Ilene Lieberman, Director of Development and Leadership Giving. They’ll discuss how the Oracle Cloud will support WCC in its pursuit of institutional excellence, and in particular how its adoption of Oracle Student Financial Planning (thanks to support from the College Foundation) will empower them to spend time on students, not process. 

Attendees will also see a demo of SFP at work and how its 90%+ automation of the financial aid process, its accessible, transparent Student Portal, and its out-of-the-box integration with Campus Solutions all help WCC – and any institution – get back to the basics: counseling students, not managing the process. 

Register here to join us on October 14th!