Western Kentucky University Provides Targeted Support to Prospects and Students with Insights from Candidate360

By Katherine Reid posted 05-11-2022 03:11 PM

The Deloitte team successfully delivered the Candidate360TM asset at Western Kentucky University (WKU). The Tambellini Group, a leading independent technology research, analyst, and advisory firm dedicated exclusively to higher education. Candidate360TM  offered the components valued most by WKU:

  • Predictive modeling of individual prospective students for the likelihood of enrollment
  • Financial aid leveraging capabilities 
  • Predictive modeling of the overall enrollment outcome
  • Prescriptive analysis capabilities, enabling WKU to introduce variables into its predictive models to gauge how prescriptive processes, such as taking a campus tour, may affect a student's enrollment outcome
In April 2021, WKU signed a three-year engagement contract with Deloitte to deploy the Candidate360TM solution. Beginning the implementation in May 2021, Deloitte provided WKU with a project manager, a lead for financial aid, and a lead for student information. As of March 1, 2022, the university is finishing up the implementation phase, which has taken just under a year. Candidate360TM is live and being tested to enhance the platform. To read more about Candidate360TM and the implementation read the article. 

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