Implementing an enterprise-reporting platform leveraging Workday Finance and HCM data

By Katherine Reid posted 05-11-2022 03:44 PM

A private R1 University on the east coast implemented Workday Financials and Human Capital Management (HCM) that prompted a reassessment of their reporting strategy and platform to create a foundation for the long-term vision for sustainable operations and decision making. The transition from the legacy reporting platforms to a data warehouse posed a challenge unique to Higher Education institutions. But the impact was worth it, highlights of the transition outcomes include: 

  • Delivered over 30 critical reports and dashboards that contained large volumes of cross-era and cross-ERP data
  • Built a reporting platform for Ad Hoc reporting needs
  • Developed a holistic reporting strategy that served as a foundation for the University to improve decision making insights
  • Navigated and influenced the transformation with key stakeholders that had strong inclinations to the current reporting platform and capabilities
  • Identified reports that were performance-intensive and created dimensional models that significantly improved performance, which enhanced the end user experience
  • Mapped legacy reporting requirements to Workday constructs
  • Consolidated various reporting needs to create a single source that provided compliance reporting, managerial, and analytical reports
  • Distributed valuable information from Workday in a secure manner to reporting users
  • Allowed users to slice and dice data in ways they needed to manage their operational processes
  • Leveraged the technical foundation to continue enhancing the analytical platform

These services enabled the University to overcome significant challenges related to extraction of data from object-oriented data structures into performance optimized datasets that users could understand, explore, analyze, and act upon.

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