Student Data Warehouse for a Leading Private Research University

By Katherine Reid posted 05-11-2022 04:09 PM

When one of the top private research universities set out to replace their 30+ year old legacy Student system with Workday Student, there was an early recognition that the legacy data warehouse needed to be replaced alongside the Workday Student Information System (SIS) to make sure departments and central offices had a scalable reporting platform that provided accurate and timely information. This institution’s Student data warehouse was the first of its kind for an R1 higher education institution. The University went live with Workday Student and the  implementation of a Student data warehouse leveraging Workday data. Highlights of the impact include: 

  • Developed a holistic reporting strategy that served as a foundation for cross domain and cross era reporting
  • Advised on data governance and security
  • Mapped legacy reporting requirements to Workday constructs
  • Consolidated various reporting needs to create a single source that provided compliance reporting, managerial, and analytical reports
  • Distributed valuable information from Workday in a secure manner to the reporting users
  • Allowed users to slice and dice the data in ways they need to manage their operational processes
  • Developed a technical foundation to continue enhancing the analytical platform
The team worked closely with key stakeholders to prioritize and address operational and management reporting needs. To learn more about the implementation, read the article. 

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