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A nationally recognized hospital expands its cloud footprint

By Katherine Reid posted 05-16-2022 05:01 PM

See how Deloitte helped a large academic hospital improve patient care, streamline operations, and improve employee experience by migrating to the cloud.Maintaining legacy technology can become a distraction for any organization—diverting time, money, and other resources away from the central mission. In the health care realm, that reality can be an especially stark one. Each dollar spent on unnecessary activities represents a dollar that could be used to support the primary mission: caring for patients.
Legacy HR apps and data have been a significant element of the project, as they continue to be essential day to day. As part of the mainframe-to-cloud migration, the hospital made historical mainframe data available via a cloud app, through Tableau reports and an SQL server on Azure. Deloitte undertook a number of key activities to help the hospital save time and achieve the required outcomes.

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