Academic Advisement 2015 Newsletter

By Nancy MiLee posted 03-05-2015 02:11 PM


Introduction: The Academic Advisement Product Advisory Group works to represent the needs and concerns of the Advisement membership to include those using the product, or implementing. 

Visit our home page and feel free to PROVIDE FEEDBACK! At the bottom of this article is your chance to rate, comment and get involved!

Your PAG Members:

John Campbell, Communications (Duke University)                                                    

David Cartwright, Archivist (CSU Systemwide)                                

Nancy Fawver, Member (George Fox University)

Larry Hill, Track Chair (Indiana University)      

Sheila Reeder, Chair (Claremont Graduate University)

Miguel Sahagun, Assistant Track Chair (Florida International University)                              

Carolien ten Oever, Vice Chair (University of Amsterdam)                 

Nancy Umphres, Communications Lead (University of Arkansas)       

Kelly Wilker-Draves, Member (University of Waterloo)                      

Coming Soon! Please join members of the AA PAG at the Community Mingle at Alliance 2015 at 3:00-4:30pm on Sunday, March 15, 2015. We also look forward to hearing feedback from the membership during the Birds of a Feather session on March 18, 2105, from 9:15-10:15am. 

Also a reminder to take a few minutes to fill out your agenda now for Alliance. Your letting us know your planned sessions really does help us plan for the number of session attendees and to arrange for any necessary room changes.


Save The Dates: 

Mid-AtlanticRegional HEUG, June 2, 2015

Latin America HEUG, June 15-15, 2015

South Central Regional HEUG, July 22-23, 2015


Newsletter "TIP" - Product Enhancement Tracker

"The Product Enhancement Tracker (PET) is a place for our members to submit software enhancement requests to be advocated, ranked, reviewed and tracked. The Product Enhancement Tracker File Library is also available with more resources. Click a type below to start getting involved. If you have a question or wish to share something with your colleagues please use Forums instead, for software bugs please use My Oracle Support."

i. To add an issue to the PET, the member must first submit a service request to My Oracle Support and receive a SR number. 

ii. The member may log the issue here to have other HEUG members view and rank the issue.

iii. Reviewing and ranking the issues are vital in assisting the AA PAG committee in identifying those to discuss with Oracle strategists. 

Please also vote on the enhancements in the PET!  Even if you are unable to attend the conference, your votes tell us which enhancements are the most important to the largest number of institutions! 


PAG Goals for 2014-2015:

Product Focus  

i.      Work with Oracle/PeopleSoft product strategists, analysts and developers on enhancements (advising notes, making AAR pre-populate in self-service, option to include/exclude cross-listed courses in wildcards, courses not obeying course list parameters).

ii.      Respond to all AA forum posts within two business days, whenever possible, if the question has not already been sufficiently answered. 

iii.      Prior to the Summit, post two reminders on the forum encouraging users to vote on enhancements.

iv.      Complete an annual review of enhancement requests and determine the top five enhancements.

v.      Evaluate cross-functional issues, identify current needs and key players, and schedule cross-PAG meetings as required.

vi.     Provide product use cases, as requested.

Quality Assurance  

i.      The AA PAG will advocate for attention to pre-release bundle testing, complete documentation of changes and identification of cross-module implications.

ii.      Continue PAG involvement with beta testing.

iii.     Create a system to identify and share bug/fix information with the user community.

Best Practices   

i.     Academic Advisement community engagement

1.    Offer a pre-conference workshop at Alliance, pending workshop schedule and PAG availability.

2.     Publish a minimum of 4 tips on the listserv to assist users with utilizing new functionality, under-utilized functionality, and bug fixes (as released).

3.     Publish two newsletters.

4.     Simultaneously publish announcements on the AA blog, as they are published on the listserv.

5.     Post Oracle announcements on Listserv within 48 hours.


i.    Actively recruit nominations for international members (emails, meetings and receptions at conference).

ii.   Pursue identifying a liaison in each regional conference.

iii.   Publish regional conference information through newsletters, listserv and blog posts to encourage attendance and speaker presentations.