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Summertime Session Submissions

By Renee Riley posted 08-02-2022 12:05 PM


The irony of summertime in higher education is that while the rest of the world has a chance to partake in a few lazy days by the pool or perhaps an extended vacation with the family, we in higher education are oftentimes wrapping up one of our busiest times of year. Summertime is when our finance folks are finishing up fiscal year end. And our student and human resources colleagues are gearing up for the beginning of the academic year, and all those new hires that come along with it. No matter which area you are in, you are probably involved in some major project that has a tag line of, “that would be good to do over the summer.”

There is good news though for all of us that are in these summertime sandals. That lengthy implementation that finally finished up, or that new tip you picked up can be the foundation for a really great presentation proposal for Alliance 2023.

The official call for proposals opens on September 12, but over the summer Alliance champion presenters were invited to submit session proposals for consideration for early selection. Introduced last year, champion presenters are often familiar faces at Alliance and other conferences. They are known to provide the perfect blend of knowledge, personality and engagement in their presentations. These are the presentations that keep us coming back to Alliance over and over again.

Champion presenters go through the same review process that all other sessions go through during the regular call for proposals. The Alliance Program Taskforce works diligently to review each session based on a matrix of criteria. They then select presentations that help to build the foundation of what becomes the Alliance Conference program. Below is a preview of a few of the sessions that have been selected for this year:

  • BI Publisher: Tips, Tricks, and Programming to Build a Powerful Report - PART 1/PART 2 (Christopher Pokorny)
  • Weave the good tale: how to present your data with contextual narrative (Anna Kourouniotis)
  • Mail smarter, not harder (Marije Bottinga)
  • Service Delivery at DePaul: The Future is Now! (Jason Koziara)


As excited as I am for these sessions, I also cannot wait to see what comes in during the regular call for proposals. It is an exciting time of year as summer winds down and the program team and taskforce gear up for the fall and "call for proposals season.”

Cheers and hope to see you in St. Louie!