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Improving the Admissions experience for our students it takes a village

By Tiffany King posted 09-02-2022 01:30 PM


The university I work at is currently in the middle of implementation on a new CRM. We are moving from Radius to Slate. This process has been ongoing since early March with several weekly meetings. Meetings on Tuesday with the entire system, where we as Slate superusers or the implementation team have the opportunity to bring up issues we have faced, look to others within the system for potential solutions, or provide updates on the implementation process.

As the event person for my university and the top superuser for CRM this experience has been a challenge, each of us are learning the CRM at the same time. This can be a challenge when I run into an issue and no one knows how to solve it. It has also been a blessing to hear what other institutes are facing and hearing their best practices.

For example, one of the other system schools was a little ahead of us in the process and they were experiencing issues with getting group tours setup in Slate. The way they originally had it posted was creating a new person scope in the system instead of an organization. This becomes an issue when we go to try to send emails or evites from the system because it treats the school counselor or teacher as a prospective student. Meaning that the event emails we send to high school students would go to a teacher or counselor, this would really change their perception of us as an institute.

Part of the Customer Experience is the perception the customer has about your organization, as a result of the various touchpoints they have experienced, this could be the people they interact with or the technology. The ability for our system to meet weekly on the implementation really allows us to discuss the forms our customers are filling out, look at their perspective and work to develop a set of practices to exceed their expectation. It could be as simple as not having a lengthy form, to making sure that people get the right form of communication, or that the information is easy to understand or steps easy to complete. The ability to come together and share practices really allows organizations to flourish. I applaud how my system is handling our implementation process and further applaud HEUG for creating a place for ideas to be shared.

I will just say it takes a village to be able to recruit and provide the best possible experience for our Constituents.