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Automating the Posting and Refunding of Award Disbursements  

11-14-2018 04:13 PM

Concordia University has been live with Campus Solutions since January 2015. The awarding process at Concordia involves two very distinct areas of service from Financial Aid to Student Financials and as such processes from those areas were kept distinct. Students found that there was a delay in receiving their money from the time the disbursement batch ran until the time group post was successfully run. In addition, errors due to configuration may have caused even further delays of up to several hours on the Financials side of the process.

In order to improve service to students and reduce processing delays in getting their money we have consolidated the jobs from the two areas to make one efficient process. We have worked out methods of resolving configuration problems prior to the job run so that errors are minimized and processing time is reduced to mere minutes using entirely delivered functionality.

This presentation will describe how we achieved this significant decrease in processing time while substantially increasing our quality of service.

- Student Financials and Financial Aid staff will learn what goes on in the other's area to enable the entire process from award authorization up to refund processing.

- Attendees will learn how run controls are set up for Process Authorizations, Process Disbursements, Group Post Transactions and Create Refunds.

- Attendees will learn how to avoid potential pitfalls in the disbursement process related to item type configuration, such as:
- Charge priority changing at apply award time vs. disbursement time
- Awards exceeding item type transaction limits

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