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Upgrade or Customize the AAR's .pdf Version and Other Reports Using XML Data (addlt. fee required) 

11-17-2017 11:31 AM

The .rtf template used to format the XML data that creates the "printer friendly" version of the Academic Advisement Report (AAR) can be modified to create customized print versions of the AAR such as one or two page copies that only show what a student has left to take or a degree map that illustrates term by term requirements in the order requirements should be completed. This presentation will demonstrate certain tools used to create customized AAR print versions. A brief look at XML and XSL is part of this presentation. Certain customizations might also require slight additions to the AAR components (Course Lists, Requirements, and Requirement Groups) and those are also discussed.
The techniques demonstrated in this presentation also apply to areas other than AAR and may be used to create any number of customized reports. If the data can be queried using PS Query, a report can be created.

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