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Schedule - Power to the Students 

07-17-2017 11:27 AM

HighPoint will demonstrate how institutions can go beyond the standard PeopleSoft experience with HighPoint’s Schedule Builder and Degree Planner products. Students no longer have to scour through their advisement report to determine what they still need to take to complete their degree. HighPoint’s Degree Planner allows students to easily see their degree progress while providing a planning tool that uses the student’s plan requirements and coursework to layout their enrollment for future terms. When it’s time to enroll, students no longer have to individually select sections to build their schedule. Students use HighPoint’s Schedule Builder to go from planning to enrolled in a matter of minutes. Ensuring students get into the classes they need at the times they want. HighPoint will demonstrate how the products allows students to focus on their education while feeling secure in their path to graduation.

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