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Managing PeopleSoft Queries at Newcastle for End-User support (the highs and lows!) 

08-31-2018 03:07 AM

At the University of Newcastle (UON), our PeopleSoft queries are out of control. We have thousands of public queries built over 18 years with Campus Solutions. Users find it very confusing to find a query, resulting in many requests for data to our Student Systems functional team. Word of mouth from colleagues is often the only way staff find what they need. Reorganising thousands of queries is a mammoth task and requires us to put ourselves in our users shoes to work out how to deliver users what they need, and give them the confidence to do so. This project aims to tackle activities such as: • Audits of existing public queries • Development of a more consistent approach to query naming conventions • Identification and creation of ‘master’ queries • Identification of key data to include in queries • Streamlining and standardisation of new query requests Come and join our presentation to see what we’ve been able to achieve by November! We’d also love the audience to participate in this presentation to share their organisation’s query woes and best practice success stories!

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