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Managing International Collaborations with Campus Solutions 

10-10-2016 05:46 AM

Most Universities’ internationalisation strategies rely on effectively managing and supporting collaborative activity undertaken by the Institution either on its own or as part of consortia. It is also a requirement that UK Universities maintain a public record of their collaborative activity and that it has appropriate governance arrangements in place for the effective management of collaborations in line with the QAA Quality Code (Ch.B10). To this effect, Universities need to monitor and report on collaborative activity undertaken by staff or students (e.g. student and staff exchange, academic arrangements which lead to conferring an award of a University degree either alone or jointly).

It is also clear that the information held for regulatory purposes can also be used in a number of ways by Universities to enhance Universities’ business Intelligence and inform the strategic development of collaborative activities, particularly in the context of an increasingly competitive internationalisation agenda.

The University of Glasgow has embarked upon an ambitious development programme to address these requirements:

· Create a central online repository system of Academic Collaborations and International Experience opportunities.

· Develop a reporting and surveying tool to manage the development and performance of Academic Collaborations and International Experience Opportunities more efficiently with a view to provide business intelligence on staff and student activity with collaborative partners and grow these activities more strategically.

· Create an agile framework that will capture the complex nature of collaborations and the various types of relationships between institutions, as well as support the process of Collaborations development and approval.

This first phase of the development is the underpinning to an equally ambitious Phase 2 development to manage ‘student mobility’

· Ensuring that this centrally-available Collaboration data underpins a catalogue of international opportunities for staff and students to allow effective monitoring and evaluation of Academic collaborations such as Joint degrees, articulation agreements, etc, and to track the Student and staff exchange balance more accurately with a view to automating the process wherever possible

· Student and Staff Self-service application, tracking and evaluation processes

The delivered functionality of Campus Solutions and features of PeopleTools including Activity Guides, ‘Workcenters’, Evaluation Management, Notifications Framework, ‘Academic Projects’, and Fluid will be developed to achieve the key deliverqbles of the project.

The presentation will focus on Phase 1.

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