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Looking to the future with your own Oracle - Using Planning & Budgeting Cloud in HE 

08-15-2018 02:52 AM

Chasing, collating & validating data from multiple sources is the biggest task in preparing timely, accurate cost models. Gathering accurate meaningful data in a reusable format is key in having consistent reports, forecasts and budgets for use the University. At most Universities the current approach for gathering data involves:
• Plethora of spreadsheets
• Replication of effort
• Demand on Time and Resources
These methods lead to problems with data quality. Figures vary depending on the reason for which the data was gathered and by whom. Very similar questions are sourced from different areas of the business at different creating additional work for staff. And data is difficult to reconcile between departments and returns.
In this session, Inoapps will demonstrate a solution to the above challenges using Oracle’s Cloud based Planning and Budgeting module, a multi-dimensional application with in-built financial intelligence, task management and validation rules. The solution includes:
• Intuitive, role-based web and MS Office interfaces allowing users to leverage existing skills Microsoft Office (aka Excel)
• Built-in commentary and annotation capabilities.
• Centralised data management and formula-driven web forms streamlines the user interface improves accuracy.
• Security and workflow functionality create a truly collaborative financial application while maintaining full auditability and version control.
• Flexible driver based what if modelling capabilities.
• Capabilities for budget, planning, and actuals data
We will also discuss some of the key things a University needs to consider prior to implementing such a solution, such as, how data can be tied together when coming from different systems such as Campus Solutions, HR, Finance and Estates and key data quality issues.

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