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Single point of entry for program, curriculum and course information at the University of Amsterdam 

10-24-2019 03:10 AM

The faculties of the University of Amsterdam had a strong desire to manage their yearly preparation for the curricular processes in a more efficient way.
With the introduction of UvANose information concerning programs, curricula, and courses has to be entered only once. After a thorough check and validation in UvANose the concerning data will be synchronized to three target systems. In the three target systems (Student Information System [Campus Solutions]), Course Catalogue (external website) and the scheduling system (Syllabus+), the data can be supplemented with specific additional data.
A module for communication was introduced in UvANose to allow a simple and quick request for information from the teaching staff. The teachers are able to enter the relevant data in UvANose themselves. UvANose is user-friendly and very intuitive. Other staff members are in charge of the overall process and after a check can validate and synchronize the data to the three target systems.
All seven faculties of the UvA have implemented UvANose. To achieve this we have had to harmonize the relevant processes and the system setup at some levels.

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