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Agile Doesn’t Mean Sloppy 

10-11-2017 01:20 PM


It may be surprising that discipline made McMaster’s technical team happy but that’s only because It sounds tyrannical. Discipline isn’t about crime and punishment, it’s about completing tasks in a controlled, agreed upon and repeatable way. In this session, learn how Agile helped McMaster work on the right stuff at the right time, fail fast, and maintain laser focus.


The University didn’t have months to devote to upfront planning; deadlines were approaching and McMaster needed to start delivering! Learn how the University overcame the compulsion to gold plate and embraced the philosophy of “good enough”, while still maintaining a spirit of continuous improvement.


McMaster’s streams and modules are tightly integrated. Whatever changes in one module, affects all the others, so when one stream encountered issues, it often meant that other streams had to alter their approach, typically without much advance noticed. Moreover, these deployments were a new experience for McMaster’s technical teams and the product itself was packed with features that were very different from what the business was used to. This meant the team needed to make quick, informed decisions on the fly. Learn how McMaster reprioritized and changed its order of operations without interrupting delivery.
Agile is not sloppy. Failing fast is a good thing. Discipline is not tyrannical and universities can be nimble and flexible, even under tight deadlines, by using the Agile methodology. This was McMaster’s experience and it must be shared!

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