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Event Registration in the Service Cloud 

12-01-2016 12:05 AM

Many university events are held over the course of each calendar year including participation across a variety of cohorts from future, current and past students - attending events as diverse as Open Day to Graduations. Unfortunately, the method of registering interest and attendance is all too often neglected with personal details being recorded across a plethora of databases, such as spreadsheets, personal local databases, external applications, paper - or even worse, not recorded at all. This haphazard approach leads to dreaded data silos and missed opportunities, which ultimately results in a poor student experience.

To help ensure the university captures event related interactions throughout the student learning journey, an event registration system was developed within the Service Cloud to record, present, report and segment event related touchpoints in a unified approach. Particular emphasis was given to empowering non-technical SME’s by providing a mechanism to rapidly build and deploy custom mobile friendly event registration sites, with very limited training and technical support required.

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