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Using AAWS to Auto-Matriculate Admissions Applications 

10-16-2017 10:27 AM

Illinois Central College's new application process using AAWS moves us from one where every piece of information needed to be evaluated by application processors to one in which key pieces of the admissions application process are automated. We have moved from an application turnaround time of often several days during heavy application time to one in which applications can potentially be processed in just a few minutes, and a majority of the time with no intervention from our processors. The process now handles address validation, determines residency, term activates the student, assigns a program and plan, assigns an advisor, sets service indicators when necessary, and handles initial email communications with students. The process is built on AAWS with customizations from the Sierra-Cedar consultants. It wasn't without it's challenges, but the results have been better than we initially expected them to be with (so far) approximately 57% of our applications auto-matriculating and students being ready to enroll within 30 minutes of submitting their applications.

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