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The elaborate use of Student Self Service in the Enrolment Process at Inholland (UoAS) 

10-24-2017 04:34 AM

We would like to tell something about how we use the Student Self Service in our enrolment process. Our Student Self Service consists of pagelets that aid the student in the enrolment process. This is achieved through among others a to-do-list with all the enrolment conditions that apply to that specific student, a step-by-step-plan for one of the enrolment conditions and a digitally "signed" document. Automated email reminders and an occasional text message further support the enrolment process. In this presentation, we will expand on the different parts of this process.

The to-do-list shows the checklist items and their status (initiated or completed) - a checklist item per enrolment condition – applicable to the application for a specific study programme and specific applicant. This information comes with a short clarification per item and, where applicable, a link to the correct follow-up-action inside or outside Peoplesoft CS. One of the actions is handing in documents by uploading them through the Service Request Functionality.

For one of the Dutch enrolment conditions – the Study Check – we have developed a step-by-step-plan that offers the applicant the steps needed to fulfill this requirement for the study programme for which he applied. The Study Check is overall the same, but considerably customised per study programme. All these different choices are supported by the step-by-step-plan and converted into the correct data and/ or corresponding steps. When the applicant has completed a step, the plan shows the status and the next step the applicant has to undertake.

Furthermore, we have an educational agreement for some study programmes, which has to be "signed" by the applicant. The applicant can download a copy of the agreement (a specimen) to read and he can confirm this agreement by ticking a box and submitting. After which the corresponding to-do-item is completed and the student can download a "signed" copy of the document. This solution can be used for all sorts of documents with which the student has to agree.

Using the communication generator we send automated emails to our applicants and re-enrolling students to remind them of the steps they have to take to be (re-)enrolled. The text of the emails is personalised so the student only receives the information still applicable to him at that moment. This in contrast to sending lengthy emails with all the general information to every student. Emails are not sent on set dates but relatively to different triggers like application date, other communications that have been sent or the status of a checklist item that has changed.

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