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Why do we still build front-ends for students and teachers in CS? 

10-22-2019 04:04 AM

Students and teachers are increasingly in need of easier / better / more complete front ends to access the applications and information they need for their study or teaching. Our institutions quickly deploy new applications for this, with the idea 'why would you reuse an old system if you can also buy something new?'. And we have to deliver all the integration solutions, always changing webservices.
But why have we developed all those great front ends for students and teachers, using Fluid? Why do we still develop application applications? And what will the Student Management Cloud self-service portals add in the near future?
Is Campus Solutions rapidly becoming a back-end system, with only administrative users?
In this presentation we will look at the different front ends that have been developed outside of CS. Are they really better than what we can develop in CS? And do they deliver the same functionality and robust business logic?
And we would like to start a discussion about whether we should stop with CS front-ends and portals; or do our best to demonstrate the power and possibilities of CS and Student Management Cloud.

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