Ambassador Program


Ambassador Program

Become a HEUG Ambassador and share your years of experience and passion for the HEUG.


Do you have a passion for the HEUG and love telling EVERYONE about what the organization has to offer? You're in the right place! We are searching for ambassadors who can share their experience and pave the path for others in the following ways:

Build Engagement within Membership

  • Assist in networking and finding connections between members and skillsets to deepen the connections with members to further the growth of the HEUG.

Develop New Member Relationships

  • Seek out new member organizations and nurture the relationships.

Membership Retention

  • Uncover challenges with disengaged members, and strive to find solutions to better serve the membership.

Create Excitement around Events

  • Share your experiences and Advocate for participation in HEUG Events and serve as a liaison throughout the Event

Ambassador Program Resources

The HEUG Ambassador Program is an important role to help keep a pulse on the community through member feedback and engagement.  As an Ambassador, you will collaborate with fellow ambassadors to strategize and find solutions to issues to keep the organization focused and moving forward.  


Complete your HEUG profile. Make sure your contact information is up to date, add a recent professional profile picture, expand on your bio and import your education and job history information from LinkedIn. Having a complete and accurate profile is crucial to the success of selection and matching. Profile complete? Return back to this page and move on to step 2.


Are you looking to be a HEUG Ambassador? To apply click the badge below:
A member of the HEUG Ambassador Committee will be reaching out to you with further information about your role!  Additional resources are also available under the resources tab above.