Volunteer Opportunities


Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers are integral to HEUG’s success. We encourage volunteerism at all levels by using an intuitive system that makes it easy to define roles, post volunteer positions, track participation and reward engagement. From short tasks that can be completed within a few hours to committee member positions that require a few hours each month, there is a volunteer opportunity for everyone.

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Volunteer Pool

Being part of the Volunteer Pool means that you are interested in learning about future volunteer opportunities available through HEUG. When you're opted into the pool, you will receive email alerts as soon as a new opportunity opens up that matches your qualifications and interests.

Your Volunteer Profile

Completing your volunteer profile will help us know what kind of volunteer opportunities you are interested in or qualified for.

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Open Opportunities

Check out and consider volunteering for the opportunities now open! The full listing of volunteer opportunities are available online.

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Request a Volunteer Opportunity

Have a HEUG related task you could use some extra hands for? Submit the details of what you are looking for and we can post your volunteer opportunity on the site.

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