Looking forward...

Time has come for me to move into the next chapter of my involvement with the HEUG.  I am moving from the VP for Products position onto the Alliance Conference team and am excited about the new opportunities that move brings.  I am even more excited about the new VP for Products, Paul Czarapata.  Paul brings a  wealth of experience to this position and I think the HEUG is truly fortunate to have him as the next VP for Products.

The last two years has been a very busy time for me as VP for Products.  However, it has also been an incredible experience and I wouldn't trade it for anything.  I have met and worked with some truly amazing people and want to take this moment to thank each of you.  The organization would not be where it is today without each of the 18,000 members that reside all over the world.  I think we have made enormous strides as an organization and look forward to the continued growth and success of the HEUG.  I have had the opportunity during Alliance 2010 to meet some of my fellow members from all over the world.  We are part of a very special organization and I look forward to working with each of you to make the HEUG even better.

In closing, thank you for your support.  I appreciate each of you for the energy, passion, and knowledge that you bring to the organization and hope that you will continue to do your part in making the HEUG even better.


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